The Dualism of Law-in-space is exhibited in SpaceHarmony
This is the first instance of the process of Law being used to maintain the direction of Physical Laws of GenerativePhysics
Law in Space-Cresta
Law in Space-GenPhys
CFX NewSpaceShips
Law-in-Space is a process of controlled revelation
LawinSpace is the frames the generative process of a new physics
Law-in-Space prepares the instigation of generated physical laws




Pre-Allocation realises ValueinSpace













The Dualism of Law-in-

Law in Space as a CFX operating at EarthLevel through NES provides 100 ecv to each CFXu formed in its Sphere.

Volumes in Preparation:


The Philosophy of Space


The Negative Influence of Phantasy



Expectation in Space


Details at info@LawinSpace.com

LawinSpace extends Nature of Law through Tmissp

Law-in-Space reveals Law though Universal Time.

Law-in-Space broadens nature through FTL.

Law-in-Space translates Law through Universal EnGens

Law-in-Space conjugates Cradles through Proxima

Law-in-Space directs the Realisation of the new physical laws through MetaPhysica Empirica.

Law-in-Space draws Space through Demax

Law-in-Space disperses Law through MetaBeacon

DeepSpace is the realm of the Constructed Laws

















































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